Current Exec Cabinet

juliekimbt Julie Kim | President

Raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Julie Kim is a junior at MIT studying Biological Engineering. Julie decided to get involved with BrainTrust at the start of her freshman year after hearing an individual with brain injury talk about how influential and supportive BrainTrust has been to her. Prior to becoming President, she served as Brain Injury Coordinator (Internal). BrainTrust has been extremely eye-opening and formative for Julie, and has encouraged her to pursue medical school after graduating from MIT.

catherinewubt Catherine Wu | Historian

Raised in Houston, TX, Catherine Wu is currently a sophomore at MIT majoring in Biology. Having previously worked with Autistic children, Catherine seeked an organization through which she could both interact with patients and serve her community. Catherine joined Braintrust at the beginning of her sophomore year, and has loved it ever since. Catherine hopes to attend medical school after graduating from MIT.

jaipeibt Jiapei Chen | VP Student Outreach

Hailed from Shenzhen, China, Jiapei Chen is currently a senior at MIT majoring in Biological Engineering and minoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Jiapei decided to get involved with BrainTrust to learn more about neurological disorders and their potential treatments. Prior to becoming VP Student Outreach, she served as a lecture coordinator. BrainTrust has been one of the most rewarding MIT experiences for Jiapei, and encouraged her to pursue a PhD degree in neuroscience.

jenniferleebt Jennifer Lee | VP Brain Injury Outreach

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jennifer Lee is currently a junior at MIT majoring in Computer Science and Molecular Biology and minoring in Music. Upon graduation, Jennifer plans on participating in MIT’s fifth-year M.Eng program, and then attending medical school. Being part of BrainTrust has sparked Jennifer’s interest in how to best harness technology to improve quality of life for both patients and individuals with disabilities. Prior to becoming VP Brain Injury Outreach, she served as Social Chair.

michellewubt Michelle Wu | VP Marketing

Michelle is from the Bay Area in California, and is currently a junior at MIT majoring in Brain & Cognitive Science. She decided to become involved in BrainTrust to learn about and to better understand the lives and perspectives of individuals with brain injuries. Michelle serves as the VP of Marketing as well as publicity chair in BrainTrust, and plans to attend medical school after graduation.

tarafaramashandabt Tafara Mashanda | Treasurer

Raised in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, Tafara is currently a freshman thinking about majoring in Chemical-Biological Engineering or Biology at MIT. He got involved with MIT BrainTrust after hearing about their groundbreaking work with individuals with brain injuries during an information session. Upon graduation, Tafara plans to go to medical school.